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About us

C.C.R.M. (Centre de Contrôle des radiocommunications de services Mobiles - Centre Jean Marique) is a radio monitoring center created in 1946 by the belgian administration.

C.C.R.M. took part in the 1947 Atlantic City ITU conference treaty, creating the International Frequency Registration Board (IFRB) and international frequency list : spectrum use is to be coordinated, registred and controlled internationnally. This is the starting point of the international monitoring service. One year before,  Belgium pinoneered in this settlement, and considered it to be a state-independant body. This is why C.C.R.M. was created state-independent. Its statutes were aprouved by the Ministrery of Communication with a right to inspect its activities. This solution permits private and public industries to be associate to the activity, and thus support a part of financial charges.

Nowadays, CCRM is an international (I.T.U.), european (C.E.P.T.) and national (B.I.P.T.) radio monitoring center.


A unique partnership

The special state-independent status of C.C.R.M. permits a unique partnership between public/administrations and private telecommunication markets. This is unique in Europe !


Our Team

Jean-Michel Claeys - Geoffroy Hoffait - Christophe Visée

Lucy Creten - Serge Marotte - Eddy De Cooman - Christian Haeseleer